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December 2019

Rehousing to a new location. Gouda Holland has built a new building with a professional appearance and a location that is very easily accessible.

July 2017

Gouda Holland achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certificate


May 2017

New truck for fleet that meets the environmental requirements


June 2016

Gouda Holland has received a Bronze certificate on CSR footprint.
Gouda Holland hereby sets the next step in CSR reporting and accountability. Click here for more information about Fira and Gouda Holland.


April 2016

New buses for the fleet

December 2014

DNV-GL certificate for Tray, Crafty MF and Marine ladder.
Check out our DNV cable trays.


April 2015

Introduction Streamline HD ladder.


December 2013

Active in the Safe Food factory working group www.safefoodfactory.nl


November 2013

Take-over by Niedax Group

May 2012

Gouda Holland is official sponsor of the Olympic sail team 'Mach 3'

May 2009

Gouda Holland achieved the VCA-P certificate

September 2004

Gouda Holland get its own production street


March 2004

Gouda Holland celebrates her 75-jarig anniversary

March 2003

Gouda Holland achieved the ISO 9001 certificate


February 2003

Gouda Holland opens her new powder coat facility


January 2002

R.G. Boot is appointed as CEO


March 1998

Gouda Holland is a 'Kenteq' recognised learning company


March 1994

Gouda Holland achieved the VCA** certificate



During the 60 years anniversay of the company, the new and renovated production complex is officialy opend by the Commissioner of the King South Holland, Mr. S. Patijn 

February 1986

P.H. Boot wordt is appointed as CEO of Gouda Holland BV


December 1981

Gouda Holland BV is starting as a company


December 1973

Gouda opens her new powder coat facility, and J.Th. Nollen is appointed as director 

March 1969

Gouda Holland celebrates her 40-jarig exictance and the production is enlarged with a paint shop


End 1965

Gouda Holland starts with producing of cable management systems



Gouda Holland moves to a bigger complex in Haastrecht

Beginning of 1960

Gouda Holland starts producing metal systems ceilings 


September 1950

Gouda Holland starts producing outdoor lighting


February 1937

Gouda Holland CV starts as a company



Gouda Holland starts producing shaded-lamps by G.P. van den Akker in Gouda